SkyCounsel is a platform for independent lawyers to run their own practice with the support of a law firm environment.

Members of SkyCounsel have access to all of SkyLaw’s lawyers and resources, as well as the years of experience and expertise that come from successfully operating a law firm.

SkyLaw works in association with its SkyCounsel members, providing assistance as needed and occasionally collaborating on client matters. The expertise of our current SkyCounsel members ranges from corporate and securities law to environmental law and technology law.

For more information, please check out our FAQs section below.

SkyCounsel Spotlight

Michael Peterson

SkyCounsel Member

Michael has been a SkyCounsel member since 2012. Michael is a certified specialist in environmental law. His practice focuses on environmental regulation and commercial law. He advises clients in manufacturing and resource industries on environmental issues such as decommissioning, waste management, export/import of hazardous waste, recycling, emission approvals, mine reclamation, compliance, and corporate governance relating to environmental matters. He is also frequently called on to advise banks and other financial institutions, receivers, and trustees on environmental liabilities and risks, remediation issues, and negotiations with environmental regulators.

Michael currently acts for a number of Canadian property developers in issues surrounding the acquisition and disposition of properties with soil and groundwater contamination. He manages the site investigation process, negotiates the environmental terms of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, and assists in establishing the terms of indemnifications and environmental liability insurance. He advises clients, as well, on regulatory requirements for property rehabilitation, mandatory filings, and registrations.


  • What is SkyCounsel?

    • A workspace for your practice in Toronto.

      Members can make use of office and meeting space with access to administrative, legal and operational assistance. The result is a top-quality practice platform, with opportunities for leverage through brand building, knowledge sharing, and referral opportunities.

    • A professional environment shared by other lawyers.

      SkyCounsel members practice law independent of one another, keep 100% of their revenue, and are free to develop their business and serve their clients as they see fit.

    • A solution to your growing practice’s needs.

      The cost of membership in SkyCounsel is a fixed monthly fee. By anchoring overhead, members can more readily structure their fees to benefit both their business and their clients.

  • Who can join SkyCounsel?

    • We welcome membership inquiries from all experienced lawyers who want to establish their own independent practice including retired partners, in-house counsel and those who would benefit from the full support of leaders in this growing law firm business model.

  • Why should I join SkyCounsel?

    • Guidance.

      We can assist you in setting up your law firm – from incorporation and engagement letters, to invoicing and billing, you will have all the support you need to confidently build your practice.

    • We’re lawyers!

      We understand the significance of confidentiality around the office and how to treat clients. We are happy to provide any support and guidance you may need as a fellow member of the bar.

    • Location.

      Close enough to the downtown core but not so close that your clients cannot find parking!

    • Resources.

      Your clients may need assistance with the corporate or securities aspect of a file and our experienced team is conveniently one door away from your office! We also have a large network of lawyers in a variety of practice areas and we are happy to help connect you to the right person for your clients’ needs.

    • Options.

      Never feel limited or locked in – change your SkyCounsel package as your needs change.

    • Environment.

      We love to socialize with our fellow SkyCounsel members, especially on game nights and at our annual holiday lunch!

  • What are my options to join?

    • We provide a few different SkyCounsel packages that can be tailored to your needs. Contact us to find out more.

  • How do I join SkyCounsel?

    • Contact Priya Ratti at to learn more about our packages and pricing plans. We welcome you to book a tour of the office and learn more!

SkyCounsel Offices

Contact Priya Ratti at to learn more about our packages and pricing plans. We welcome you to book a tour of the office and learn more!