The Great Unlocking Begins

Ontario allows certain businesses to reopen under strict safety guidelines

This afternoon, the Ontario government announced that for the first time since March 24, 2020 certain businesses will be allowed to reopen on Monday.

While the list is short and sensible, the impact will be significant. It is the first major step towards implementing the Ontario government’s framework for reopening the province issued this week.

The Ontario government is also making changes to many rules and regulations to support individuals and businesses. The government yesterday issued detailed guidance for workplaces to manage the impact of COVID-19.  You can even request a temporary regulation or policy change online.

Regulators continue to provide relief from various requirements on an almost daily basis. The Ontario Securities Commission today issued Instrument 51-504 permitting among other things reporting issuers to delay making required executive compensation disclosure until December 31, 2020.  This relief builds on the initial blanket order from the OSC and other Canadian securities regulators on March 18, 2020 allowing issuers an additional 45 days to complete certain regulatory filings.

Stay tuned.