SkyLaw – A Canadian Success Story

By: Kevin West

I was recently invited to present at the Canadian Legal Technology Conference, alongside Kelly Friedman of Davis LLP. Our presentation was called, “Cloud Computing – A Canadian Success Story.”

Things have changed since I started SkyLaw in 2010, when very few people knew about cloud computing and alternative fee arrangements. Now even the Seven Sister firms are advocating for the use of cloud technology and more efficient delivery of legal services.

Here is a brief overview of the presentation:

  • Reviewing the key issues, challenges and opportunities that cloud computing raises for law firms and corporations today
  • Addressing specific security concerns and effectively communicating with your clients to operationalize a cloud-based solution
  • Understanding the opportunities, threats and impact on your business posed by the different cloud solutions proposed by your service providers
  • Examining enterprise architecture implications related to cloud computing for both corporate legal departments and law firms

I want to thank John O’Brien of Insight for the invitation and the great job pulling together a list of talented speakers.

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